[UNSOLD] Rorqual + JF toon

(Vivien Outamon) #1

One of the better Rorq toons out there + JF added in too.

Max Jump skills
Max Yield skills

Mining Drone Spec V
All T2 Damage Drones
Core Operation V
Command Burst Specialist V
Indy Reconfig V
Capital Ships V
Capital Indy Ships V


Positive wallet
Will be located in HS in noobcorp
No killrights

+5 learning set (and some 5% shield hardwirings)
1 Remap Avaliable

Ive seen worse go for 30 billion today

(TxivYawg1) #2


(Avallah) #3

34 bil

(Maizie Fields) #4

34.5 bil

(Fractal Parmala) #5

35b here

(Really annoying girl) #6


(Gracitinia Sue) #7


(Vivien Outamon) #8

going to end the auction on Thursday @ DT

(Really annoying girl) #9

41bil b\o

(jim davis Miromme) #10


(Vivien Outamon) #11

Final bump.

(Mort'est Imminente) #12

38b back up offer if the others fall through, gl

(Vivien Outamon) #13

No contact with high bidder so the character remains unsold.

(Mort'est Imminente) #14

Hi there, my offer stands. 38b ready to go

Tried to reach you in game, but you are unavailable.

(Vivien Outamon) #15

No thank you.

(Mort'est Imminente) #16

Is there a price you are trying to reach? Your original post states 30b and it seems your 40b+ offers are not interested. My offer will stand until I find a rorq pilot to purchase or until we can come to an agreement.

At only 42m skillpoints, the russian skill extractors won’t be interested as it is way over their price point for their profit margins.

(Tuttam Lee) #17

39b offer

(Django Osas) #18

39.5 bil

(Charon Taranogas) #19

41B available to transfer this evening if char still avail

(Pranda Xeon) #21