Rorqual pilot 16 mil sp

(Hymar Sakara) #1

Rorq Pilot

16 mil sp

no kill rights

positive wallet

2 remps

docked in a Jita Station

starting bid will be 15bil

Buyout 18bil

(Holy Shizznit) #2

My offer still stands if done today


(Avallah) #3

I offer 16,5b b/o

(Hymar Sakara) #4

Just taking bids not in a rush.

(Hymar Sakara) #5

bump and new buyout added

(Hymar Sakara) #6


(Holy Shizznit) #7

If the offer is still up for 17Bil you have a deal.

(Hymar Sakara) #8

17 bil accepted awaiting money and account information.

(Holy Shizznit) #9

Isk and account info sent

Waiting for transfer

(Hymar Sakara) #10

Transfer in progress.

(system) #11

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