RP Investment Scheme - MR-TI - Make Money and Stories

Mastir Reborn Technologies Incorporated
Bringing Enlightenment Through Technology

A research company, focused on neural boosters, cyber implants and researching alternative cloning methods.

Mastir(Brain in native Intaki ) Employ a majority staff of Intaki with many Reborn in their higher echelons they also have a great respect for those whom practise the Ida and promote it company wide.

The company also is involved in technologies used to assist in the rebirth processes of Intaki Reborn’s.

Mastir are one of a number of groups which aided in the reconstruction and restoration of Ida monasteries, villages communal plantations and other religiously significant sites on Intaki Prime after military actions by the Onikanabo Brigade.

Some ex-employees have commented on some of its religious eccentricities being slightly unusual and fairly radical but as of this time no truth has been established to confirm these statements.

The Investment Opportunity
MR-TI is a steadily developing story of an eve corporation of a more industry and business focused kind. Corporation Recruitment was launched late last year but since inception I have paid out out corporate dividends (current payout 2bil across 3500 shares) to a steadily increasing number of individuals and provided a monthly Shareholder General Report.

The Service
Basically I offer a little update every month which tells part of a developing story of a (currently) profitable eve corporation, to sweeten the deal and as part of that RP experience I provide a little ISK to the investors every month.

Occasionally I will run polls to give shareholders an opportunity to take the corp in another direction or pick a method of resolving a particular problem.

The Price
Basics really nothing worth having in eve is free this is a corporation you buy shares simple really.

Will you get your ISK back? - Probably this is eve anything can happen but while I can afford it the dividends will be paid and I see no reason to sop them all now.

Will some rando’s buy up all the shares and ruin this thing? - Unlikely I have put in limits to stop this and am very close IRL to some of the real investors

Is this a scam? - No but best rule of eve is never to put anything out there you cannot afford to lose.

The Cost

Any singular shareholder will be restricted to a maximum of 100 shares, there are 1000 for sale.

  • 9 or less shares are to be sold at 10million ISK per share (this is due to the added paperwork for such small figures)
  • 10 shares are to be sold at 2.5 million ISK per share
  • 30 shares are to be sold at 3 million ISK per share
  • 50 shares are to be sold at 4.5 million ISK per share
  • 100 shares are to be sold at 6 million ISK per share

Post below if you are interested or send me an eve mail I will perform a RP vetting procedure and then confirm the price. If you want to get in character for this please feel free.

All capsuleers are welcome.

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Delighted by the interest I have received requests have been made I will come back to all shortly.

Still shares to go though so if your interested please let me know.

530 Shares left to go please hit me up if you are interested.

Hi All,

I can confirm that shares are still on sale as per the details above however prices will rise in the coming months in line with further profit.

The first payout to new shareholders is expected very shortly.

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