Seeking Employees RPer Corporation Salary Supplied

Mastir Reborn Technologies Incorporated
Bringing Enlightenment Through Technology

Positions to be filled at MR-TI.

These do not have to be mains any alts accepted.
Brackets show amount of positions open.

Marketing Manager(1)
50mil a month
Post In Character Marketing Adds on the IGS and other appropriate channels/forums once a month.
Reply to queries raised by CEO when raised (every now and again not regular)
Maybe required to reach out to the occasional streamer and might be asked for opinions on alliance logos and other stuff.

PI Specialists(2)
50mil a month
Must based or willing to deliver to the Placid Region
Reply to queries raised by CEO when raised (every now and again not regular)
Will be expected to help fulfil Corporate Projects as and when required(monetary incentives will be supplied)

Little Background on Mastir Reborn Technologies inc

A research company, focused on neural boosters, cyber implants and researching alternative cloning methods.

Mastir(Brain in native Intaki) Employ a majority staff of Intaki with many Reborn in their higher echelons they also have a great respect for those whom practise the Ida and promote it company wide.

The company also is involved in technologies used to assist in the rebirth processes of Intaki Reborn’s.

Mastir are one of a number of groups which aided in the reconstruction and restoration of Ida monasteries, villages communal plantations and other religiously significant sites on Intaki Prime after military actions by the Onikanabo Brigade.

Some ex-employees have commented on some of its religious eccentricities being slightly unusual and fairly radical but as of this time no truth has been established to confirm these statements.

RP opportunities
If you have a PI alt whom you currently do not RP with this could be a nice outlet with very few responsiblilities, maybe your an Amarrian Main who doesn’t feel welcome at those Gallente parties drop an alt in here and you can swing up in style.

Religious RP is not everyone’s cup of tea but if you do like to dabble followers of the Ida are welcomed in MR-TI with open arms.

Mastir is at its heart a company operating out of Placid and Fountain which deals in the selling of the more invasive cranial products as well as augmentations.

We love lab coats and we also love funky augmentations.

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