[RSLEG] Plarium Marketing LLC Wants YOU!

Plarium Marketing, LLC is an up-and-coming group that is looking for YOU to come join our ranks and explore some of the greatest fun there is to be had in this game! You can help grow and shape a burgeoning group that will one day be counted among the greats!

Where Do We Operate?
We currently operate out of a C3 wormhole with a lowsec static, which aids us in our efforts as a Faction Warfare entity fighting for the Caldari State. We make money in Anoikis and spend it on giving the Gallente a good thrashing!

Why Join Us?
If you want to get in on the ground floor of something new, join us. If you enjoy EVE for all it can be, join us. If you’re angry about the loss of Caldari Prime and want to do something about it, join us. Hell, if you just want to make money in some half-decent space and want some cool dudes on comms to chat with, join us!

What Are We Looking For?
Players new and old alike! Preferably >5Mn SP and preferably with at least Caldari Frigates V and Light Missiles, Rockets, and Small Hybrid Weapons V, but we’re more than willing to work with newbros to make your dreams a reality. Above all, we’re looking for a willingness to go above and beyond in making EVE the experience you want to make it.

What Can We Offer?
Honestly, a little bit now and more and more as we get established. We can offer decent ISK, a nearly suicidal desire for content, and the potential to develop into so much more!

Where Can I Sign Up?
Join the “RSLEG Public” channel in-game, send an application to Plarium Marketing, LLC, or DM Jamico Toralen or Murky07 for more info. We’ll guide you from there.

Thank you for considering us in your adventures, and let us be the first to welcome you aboard!

Bumping like a freighter!


We’re still recruiting! Now part of the Toxic Shockwave alliance!

Still recruiting!

We’re still here, are you? :smiley:

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