Plarium Marketing LLC [RSLEG] - Combining the Riches of C3 Space With the Glory of the State!

What is this spooky wormhole space I keep hearing about? At Plarium Marketing LLC, we can help you find out!

Plarium Marketing LLC is one of the only corporations in New Eden combining mid-class wormhole content with Faction Warfare, giving you the excitement and ISK-making opportunities of wormhole space and the chance to fight for the State!

Whether you’re a fresh newbro who wants to explore the unique space that is Anoikis, a seasoned wormholing veteran looking for some fresh content, or a loyal State employee who wants to make a little more ISK, we have something for you, including:

  • A C3/LS wormhole, for spookyspace content with regular access to the warzone
  • USTZ/AUTZ content
  • Full-spectrum PI
  • In-hole refining, manufacturing, research, and reaction services
  • A lowsec static connection for ease of travel
  • Regular alliance fleet activity
  • Training and education
  • Ore, ice, and gas buyback at reasonable rates
  • A growing blueprint library for all your industry needs
  • And more!

Join the RSLEG Public chat channel in-game and talk to or mail a recruiter to get started!

We’re still recruiting! And now with more SPD goodness!

Come one come all!

We’re still recruiting!

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