[Wormhole][Newbro and Alpha Friendly] Legion of Terra is recruiting


The Legion is now reborn and looking for new players. Once, we were a group that specialized in contract manufacturing for large null/lowsec entities. Now, we are a small, generalist corporation living in a C2 wormhole, exploiting it to its maximum potential. Are we the best, most shiny, elite group of know-it-alls? Hell no, we are far from it. Our killboard is usually buried under a good amount of cruiser losses, spiced up by a capital from time to time. We make mistakes but own up to them. We can offer a relaxed Discord with helpful members who can help you (re)learn wormholes even if you just started the game yesterday, or you can join as an experienced hole dweller if you don’t mind helping some newbies from time to time.

We offer the following services, organized by both our members and the wonderful people in our Alliance we fly with:

  • PVE

  • Daily locust fleets in our chain, hunting for gas, sleepers and targets of opportunity.

  • Weekly moon and belt mining with capital support

  • Several local POCOs ready for large-scale production.

  • Ore, Salvage, and PI buyback program

  • Several stations are owned by both ourselves and our alliance. All your reprocessing, manufacturing and R&D needs are met locally.

  • Large-scale manufacturing contracts. Wanted to build hundreds or thousands of ships, modules, and everything you can think of? We provide a full service, from extracting resources to delivering the end product.

  • Access to BPCs of an alliance library of over 680 BPOs

  • PVP

  • Fully SRP supported roaming fleets, up to Battlecruisers.

  • Structure defense and offense. We protect what is ours, and try to take some from others.

  • Bounty Hunting and Ganking.

  • Fleet doctrines available to newbros and veterans alike.

  • Corporation Services

  • Free starter packs containing everything from frigates up to battlecruisers, skillbooks, modules, and more. Enjoy the game as a new player, kickstart your New Eden career!

  • Solid infrastructure for communication (Discord) and organization (SEAT).

  • Corporation and Alliance SRP (Ship Replacement Program).

Things we absolutely require from our members:

  • Have a working microphone and the willingness to use it.

  • Esprit-de-corps*: please participate when you; the corporation is a collection of players that seek to boost each other. From time to time, we do engage in extended operations ranging between 4-6 hours. No, you are not required to stay the whole time, but we would ask that you come and play for a bit, even if it’s for just 15 minutes.*

  • Attitude*: it’s not just a cheesy inspiration poster, please keep a positive attitude, and treat folks with dignity and respect. It can and will make a difference in how you play with others.*

  • ESI (new API) lookup. Yes, we will vet new candidates.

  • If you are a bittervet, a lot of patience with newbros. A willingness to mentor also doesn’t hurt.

  • No minimum SP requirement, but Omega (or the willingness to get it in the future) is needed.

If you are interested or just simply curious, here are a few things to ask yourself:

  • Do I play in EU/USTZ?

  • Can I fight for my own territory, resources, and fun?

  • Do I want to be in a group that’s pretty sociable?

  • Ready to endure the hardships and enjoy the opportunities and social interaction that comes from joining a small group that’s reasserting itself?

If your answer is yes and looking for more than a couple of usernames on corp chat, give us a chance. We are always ready to provide more information or simply chat. Our recruiting channel Legion of Terra Recruiting is always open. If there is nobody online at recruiting or you simply prefer evemail, send all your questions to Lucius Furius, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Discord interview will follow all inquiries.

Hopefully, we see you soon, and we wish you the best of luck.

Legion of Terra

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