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40b for starters

41 bil

thank you for the offers, keep em coming

daily bump, approx 3 more days left, any1 giving an offer of 50b?

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42 bil

42.5 bil

think i have about 14+ hours left so best offer wins…

43 bil

no deal, char is going into hibernation

“so best offer wins…” - chatterbox

" may your dick fall off in 3 days… " - Apparently they have already fallen off, since they are not able to answer for their words.

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of course, as stated best offer wins, ccps discount for 6 months has won and is a better option that your 43b

ta ta o/

oh, just don’t pretend that the deal fell through … I suggest 43.5

ye gone, bye

weekly bump

bump up to tops

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45b - isk ready