Running allied militia plexes should give LPs from that militia

The title really says it all. Gallente farmers in Amarr FW space should get Tribal Liberation LPs and not Gallente LPs. Same for all other pairings. LPs should be at the helped militia’s Tier or even at Tier 1 locked.

yeah that totally makes sense

I don’t think it makes sense from a lore perspective. It would be the equivalent of American soldiers in World War II being paid in French Francs for the time they spent liberating France. You get paid in the currency of the side you’re fighting for, regardless of where you are fighting.

Does that make sense?

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OK, what Tier level should apply to the LP? The one from the militia they are part of, or the allied one?

I ask because a decent chunk of the plexers in amarr/minnie spaces are gallente farmers. Getting LPs by ganging up on the smallest militia solely for conversion to VNIs.

I would base that on the space.

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