WTS Vexor navy Bpcs Cheap

55 M each .
pm .

I read the news today, oh boy.

Better make them real cheap, these things will be useless soon.

F …

What is the news today? Are they balancing them?

Just read the eve news page, didn’t see anything related to vni. Care to link?

My offer is 10m each :rofl:

I’ll try to keep Zorins thread clean. VNI changes posted to communication section.

20m each

27.5m each taking all u got

So you predicting hull price @ >40m each?

Na they will drop temporarily with all the panic sales, then realize they are actually pretty strong at pvp with the changes and still cheap for what they can do and go up again in price, probably 80mil in 1 month.

What exactly changed :slight_smile:?

They lost drone bandwidth so can’t field 5 heavies anymore but they can do mediums + gun’s and the guns have huge bonus’s now (+1 Turret +10% damage + 10% tracking ) their dps will be insane + they have a 7.5% rep bonus it’ll be a monster of a ship for people who don’t afk, good change imo, people who do anomalies in them will probibly clear them in half the time with rails + mediums.


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So its just light and better version of Myrmidon.

OMG just realized no more mining drone bonus :sob::sob::sob::sob:

Value’s probably going to settle at at 50-60m, what all other navy cruisers are going at

Omen navies and Osprey Navies where close to 80mil not too long ago.

mail me ingame will buy in bulk

So the prints now in a 40+ m range while hulls @50+ m, and it’s not yet over i think.