Running Eve on Mac with an eGPU

Planning to pickup a 5700xt and Core X to attach to my MacBook Pro later this month.

Does anyone here use an eGPU and does it improve client performance?

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Hi !

I use a Razer Chroma Core X eGPU / Radeon RX590 with my 2019 13” MacBook Pro (2.8 GHz i7, 16GB RAM) . 2 x 27” 4K monitors using DP connections.

I run EVE on MacOS.

The system can dual-box on high graphics settings and in most areas of space get 60FPS. In high traffic areas, I’ve experienced lower FPS.

I have not tried running the system using Bootcamp/Win 10

For eGPU help/advice, check out

Cheers !

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