New system requirements

It’s telling that the new requirements for EVE aren’t even fulfilled by a current top of the range MacBook Pro with the upgraded GPU. If EVE isn’t going to run on the computers that people have, then you are doing something wrong let alone not running properly on a top of the range machine.

If you actually targeted the Metal graphics framework then you would be able to get the fidelity you want out of much lower spec hardware.

Only one computer (not counting iMac Pro or Mac Pro) meet the recommended GPU…

and it seems CCP is working on some changes that should make our lives better.

I run a pretty low end MacBook Air and was concerned about the updated system recommendations, but my system still runs everything great (albeit with graphics turned down).

If you want to run multiple 4K monitors at maximum settings, you need a lot of hardware and the Wine wrapper will introduce additional inefficiencies on the Mac translating between DirectX and OpenGL.

If you’re OK with 2K resolution, the new APUs from AMD and Intel with integrated Radeon Vega graphics will happily run Eve and the AMD chips (i.e. Ryzen 5 2400G) are very inexpensive - intended for entry level systems.

CCP have been teasing us with talk of a 64 bit client since they removed Captains Quarters and the spec for 16Gb RAM suggests it’s getting closer.

You can run DX11 EVE in 4K with more than 120fps on a old Radeon RX480 using Wine and DXVK on Linux. You can probably plug that with MoltenVK on MacOS (that will be the only solution soon as Apple is killing there OpenGL support)

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