Running player

85mil sp combat pilot with new Indy alt.

I’m looking to produce T2 BPCs for sale and use, so I’m looking for a faction warfare corp for LP farming datacores.

I’m interested in high end combat, shiny ships, and people to teach me to use them. I especially love recon ships, and black ops dropping is always a favorite. I can train Marauders now, just never had the need. T2 everything else except fleet boost and logi at T1.

I need a working local economy to be able to easily get into a usable ship without having to wait for shipping. That said, I like to use specifically fit ships that aren’t what you usually encounter so I also need a reliable way to order custom fits and have them delivered in a reasonable timeframe. A week is not a reasonable timeframe.

I can fly anything and I’m happy to help with structure bashing and the rest of eve’s boring bits as long as there’s pretty much constantly a fleet up for FW.

Please send me a message in game with your info.

Good hunting,

Keiko Hanaya

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Pretty much all you’re asking for, we’re the biggest/most active group in amarr FW, and primarily do lots of PVP ranging from small-med gangs and upto bigger engagements with capitals.

Also have a decent group of industrial dudes that would probably love an extra set of hands for the production side of things, and ofc we can get you on your feet pvp-wise!

Alliance has a hauling service to/from jita and we’re a few jumps from amarr.

Hay keiko Hanaya we a small pvp corp eu/usa
If you looking for pvp soon as I join back with my alliance you will have more targets that you can shake a stick at with over 100 war dec on iv only drop out so I can get more member and make it easier for new members to move there stuff we need member to do more pvp opp so if your interest in being a member and not just a number drop me message in the meantime check out FAQ also there is a link to or discord channel

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