Running with Wolves ***Recruitment OPEN***



We are PVP focused but have great space for PVE, PEW PEW still our #1 requirement. Flying under the TRIUMVIRATE banner our pilots fight alongside the region’s best, from sub caps to ALL capital ships. So dust off that Super/TITAN that’s been docked up for years and JOIN.

We’re an easy going corp with many years of Null Sec experience and war stories. We are passionate in the way we fly and take care of our Alliance brothers and sisters.

What we offer:

*Regular fleets from frigs to caps
*Excellent and SAFE ISK opportunities in moon mining, exploration and industry
*Experienced players to offer help and advice to work out that rust

Can you offer:

*Combat Pilot
*Able to fly our doctrines: Munnins, Cerbs, Lokis etc… (or working towards)
*2 accounts: BS on main, Fax/Dread on alt (or working towards)
*Armour Capitals is what we fly
*a sacrifice (first born or sacrificial lamb)

Join us for a chat:


BUMP Recruiting!!

BUMP Recruiting!!!

Bump Recruiting!!!

Recruiting in USTZ - Capital alt not required, working towards it is fine. Join us for safe Rorq mining, super ratting and lots of pvp.

Bump!!! Recruiting all you PVP/PVE pilots out there. EU/US TZ!!!

BUMP, Recruiting CAP killing pilots EU/US TZ!!

Bump, Recruiting PVP pilots EU/US TZ

BUMP!!..WOOHOO…We’re still RECRUITING…Come Join US!!!

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BUMP!!! Recruiting Still

would you take new players? me and a friend are looking for a corp.