Rusty pilot looking for a spot in a C3 resident small Corp

I haven’t been in a spaceship for years, focusing on secondary stuff, such as RL :slight_smile:
I’m a bit rusty, but still and again determined to re-experience life in w-space.

My Ideal place is in a C3 system in a small Corp, with team mates having a good sense of humor, and not taking things too seriously.

Before taking a break I used to live in a C4, C3, and also been a solo nomade for some time.
I have 3 accounts, but I’ll start with just one, until I feel confident again with the mechanics and dynamics of piloting a spaceship.

I like killing sleepers, exploring, building stuff (mostly T2 tech), research, and one day I’d like to own and build a capital ship.

I rarely use voice comms, I prefer in-game chat to discord etc., and I’m not much in pvp. Although I can be online for several hours in the CET morning, I won’t participate often to missions (need to find a balance with work).

Please mail me in game, or if you’re lucky to find me online, get in touch in chat. Or just reply here.


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