Ruthless Regiment is Open!

Ruthless Regiment

We are a small Indy, Mining, PvE, PvP, Exploration kinda corp.
always looking to make iskies with other pilots, and
to create a communite within our corp. We have pilots
that will help newbro’s, and always will to learn
something new with our Vetbro’s. We are currently in
High Sec but be moving very soon to Low Sec, will have
Structures for you to call home.

*Minumum Skill Points 5mil.
*We are looking for non and experience pliots.
*We are a corp thats wants to let you have fun while playing.
*Looking for leadership within our ranks.
*Moon-goo for the taking
*Pvp small gang (once setup)

IF interested contact (Parvo killskeen) in-game or go to our Public channel (RU-RE Public)

bump! its will be fun!

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