Ruthless Regiment is Open!

We are Ruthless Regiment and we are rebooting the Corporation after a hiatus from the game after the recent changes to the game soured our pilots gaming experience. But we are back and looking to get things back on track but this time in Wormholes!

We are primarily looking to develop our pvp skills to take the fight as and when they come knocking! We are going to pursue our industrial aspects whilst in wormholes ranging from Gas Reactions to Moon Mining to support our pilots isk gains.


Gots to be able to cloak kids! Need that Omega!
Willingness to PVP even if it goes bad!
1 Racial Frigate to 5!
Prepared to get on comms!

As you can imagine we are on the quiet side in terms of active members, but we are working to change that hence this forum post!

Drop in for a Chat RU-RE Public or contact in-game: Parvo killskeen



Is Garek still a b***h?

always lol

still looking for ppl to join our ranks

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