Ruthless Regiment Re-Opening looking for Pilots

We are Ruthless Regiment, formerly a Nullsec Based Operation and we have decided to reboot the Corporation within a Wormhole Environment.

We are currently few in number but we are part of an active Alliance so never shy of anyone to make friends with.

With us rebooting the Corp we’ll be looking to promote Leaders within the Corporation as we grow and potential leaders arise.

Currently Looking for:

• Fleet Commanders
• PVPers
• PVEers
• Industrialists

Also looking for experienced pilots who’d be willing to step up and lead Corporation Based activities such as:

• Mining Fleets
• Roams
• PVE Fleets
• Teaching New Industrialists

As we grow we’ll be implementing:

• Corporation Buybacks
• Facilities to Support Industry

Sounds like something you’d be interested in? please join the in game recruitment channel (Ruthless-Rec) or via Discord Add Me for a Chat: Garek Lanister#4180


It’s back.

:kissing_heart: You know it

Nice to see you back up and running amazing person to know I wish you all the best

Closed at OP’s polite request.