Ruthless Regiment, Looking for that forever home?

Come check us out!

great group of guys, new pilot friendly we always have a blast!!

We have Cookies and Milk!!

This is a bump

Need players new or old come and have fun guys

BUMP We have Cookies… (Don’t Tell santa!!)

Give us a Read o7

BUMP we like Ships!

We Joined a New Alliance o.O o7

RUTHLESS REGIMENT looking for New Eden capsuleers, all levels are welcome.

This is a great corp for beginners to learn and improve with opportunities to advance. We have high level players with lots of knowledge to share and a friendly no-drama atmosphere.

This corp is also good for veteran players looking for newer challenges.

We have an extensive infrastructure in place for your Eve career. The sky is the limit.

Fly Ruthless

If you want max fun and zero drama. This Corp is for you.

If you are here looking for a home in new eden, check us out.

If you’re into pvp, likes taking the fight in enemy territory everyday, and dying with honor! Join us

We have Cookies!! AND Milk…

Can you link a discord inv the above one is expired

Join Now and Get a Limited Edition Cookie!

Oh YES!!

Still recruiting guys and gals

oh and princesses dont forget those

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