Ruthless Regiment, Needs You!

We are a Nullsec Based Corporation. We aim to recruit, New Pilots aswell as Experienced Pilots to come join our growing team! At Our Core we love the fundementals, Mining and Producing as well as picking up those Ratting Ticks! and we support the efforts of our Alliance fighting them pesky PVPers!

Looking for:
► Miners, Industrialists and Boosters
► PVEers for them NPCs!!
► PVPers for the Infidels!

We Offer:
► Ratting Space
► Mining Space (Moons Ore Buybacks)
► Buyback (selected items)
► Access to all Refineries, Citadels and Industrial Facilities
► Alliance fleets (Mining and PVP)

Questions drop into our Recruitment Channel: Ruthless-Rec
Our Discord:

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Join Our Public Channel for Details o7

Come and give us a look… Worst case scenario… We become friends :wink: Ruthless-Rec in game Speak Soon :slight_smile:

Come on give us a look :wink: o7