Ruthless Regiment, Recruiting Large Fleet Addicts + Pilots with an addiction to killing local NPC Menace’s and pilots with an overwhelming desire to Mine and Produce… Come check us out!

I PVP almost exclusively.

Several corp members fly rorquals and provide boosts all day.

Some members are building an industrial empire. They’ll happily share BPC’s from their massive library.

Others rat casually and share memes all day in discord.

My point is, RR is a very diverse group which has become a family. Eve is ten times better when you aren’t alone. We have a reason to log in. We have a reason to undock. When one of us succeeds, we all celebrate. Eve is more than spreadsheets and fittings.

Stop by our discord and rediscover your love for New Eden.

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Drop in… let’s get coffee and fill in that App Ruthless Regiment

Come on… we don’t bite… Ruthless Regiment

Drop by… let’s have a coffee over that app Ruthless Regiment

Got an application with your name on it! Ruthless Regiment

Come on check us out… you know you want too Ruthless Regiment

Drop in Ruthless Regiment

Drop in! Ruthless Regiment

Still Waiting on you… Ruthless Regiment

Paperwork’s ready just need that signature… Ruthless Regiment