Ruthless Regiment, Recruiting Large Fleet Addicts + Pilots with an addiction to killing local NPC Menace’s and pilots with an overwhelming desire to Mine and Produce… Come check us out!

Merry Christmas! Cheers!

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Just a small reminder that Ruthless is Still open over the holidays and full of xmas cheer, beer and guns and ammo, pop by and say hello. Did we mention we have Free Cookies??

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Hope your holidays were festive… come by for leftover cookies.

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Fresh baked cookies…

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Apply today! Regret it Tomorrow!!

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Try some Trig cookies today

Drop in we just made coffee :slight_smile:

Happy New Year!

New Year New Fun to be Had :blush:


Garek offered me cookies… and I’m still here.

Drop in :slight_smile:

Fresh baked goods, daily.

Have you checked us out?


Drop by … we have a fresh pot of Coffee

Dismantle FireCo… join the force.

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Have you heard?

Fresh batch of cookies now available.

Friendly bump for the day…