Ruthless Regiment, Recruiting Large Fleet Addicts + Pilots with an addiction to killing local NPC Menace’s and pilots with an overwhelming desire to Mine and Produce… Come check us out!

Chiefs vs Eagles
Time to pick…

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Drop by for Coffee

Fly a Hawk… Fly Ruthless

Come by and chat…

Bump for cookies

Bump for the weekend. I’ll be back Monday!

Are you addicted to cookies?

Urge to join a Corp of cool folks? Drop in

I wasn’t cool… then I dropped in… now I’m super cool.

Miss me? It’s time to join!

Time for something new?

:+1: Love this Corp . . .
One of the best I have had the fortune to be part of . .

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Ruthless Regiement are under new management and want you to join to help us achieve not only our goals but yours as well Pop by chat be merry did i mention the free cookies.


I made a circle

Biggy bump.

Sunday Fun-day bump!

We’re recruiting… come check us out.

Let’s go!