Rykki's Guide Update?

Does anybody know if Rykki’s Guides: Wormhole is still being maintained at all?? The change log shows the last update on 7/7/20 and especially with the Ore and Gas changes was wondering if it’s still being maintained and will be updated soon. Thanks in advance folks.


You should propably start using the 2018 update first?
No clue, if this will get updated.

Yours was last updated in 2019…the one I have was at least mid 2020. Check the last tab

You could also message rykki in game and see about updates, considering that’s what rykki suggests to do.

“Updated automatically every 5 minutes” would suggest it’s up to date.

Google updates sheet every 5 minutes. But that doesn’t mean that content is changed

I know. :slightly_smiling_face: Just encouraging the op to contact Rykki.

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