S.M.I.T is recruiting - HS/LS/PVE/PVP

[SONY M.I.T.] Mining. Industry. Trade.

We are industry corporation.
We do operate in Hi-sec and Low sec
We do enjoy all the aspects of EVE
We are anti-piracy corporation
We all know, that real life comes first.
We are friendly group that works together to have the best outcome.

We have hard-core miners that melts rocks just to relax.

All time zones welcome
New, veterans, returning pilots, all welcome

No english - no problem.
No obligations
No mandates.
No coms - all good.

  • Be your own BOSS.
  • Unlimited income opportunities.
  • Flexible time zones.
  • Low Tax

Pleas join public chat [SMIT]

Free access to T1 BPC’S collection
+Capital Ships And Components BPC’s

C.E.O. [David Sony]

Good morning everyone.

Come join us

Seems like something i would be interested in :slight_smile: please drop a mail in-game if u need any details regarding me before you can shoot an invite :smiley:

Sorry for the delay. Will do that tomorrow if you still want it.

No worries sounds good. i will be waiting

Welcome all new pilots and veterans alike.

Looking for pilots for all types of fun

Wormhole resources are the best. Come join us.

Good morning, good evening, good night. Welcome Welcome Welcome

Still open for recruitment.

Fly with us.




Good morning pilots.

Still actively looking

Look no further.


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