SMIT is recruiting

SONY M.I.T. - Mining. Industry. Trade.

All time zones welcome.
New, Veterans, Returning, Casual - all welcome.

Why? Because together is more fun.

Relaxed, casual no drama.
No coms need.
No English, no problems.
Real life comes first.
You’re your own BOSS.

We are industry corporation that mines ore, ice. (use to build capital ships and sell to the market before patch)
We do operate in Hi-sec. And wormhole space
We do enjoy all the aspects of EVE.
We are anti - piracy corporation and not tolerating any griefing.
We are friendly corporation that works hard to have the best outcome.

Easy access to ice mining system.
Easy access to low-sec for more trill.

Pleas join public channel for discussion SMIT

Free access to T1 BPC
+Capital Ship BPC’s and comonents.

Base of operations located in Domain south.

C.E.O. David Sony


Still recruiting

Hey @David_Sony - could you DM me on Discord? MrJ4zzy

Still looking for a pilots

Fly with us

Welcome all pilots

Still looking for pilots to fly with.


Corp is looking for you

Activity recruiting

Welcome all pilots

Open for more …

Open new chapter with us

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