S4D - New Player Friendly Wormhole Corp

Hi there!

We are Spaceships for Dummies, a newbro-friendly wormhole corporation, currently looking for prospective new recruits to join our ranks!

While the S4D story has only just begun (in relative Eve terms), we have a long prologue together as members of another, older corp before striking out on our own. We reside in a C3 wormhole, with an NS static for roaming and access to content in Null.

We have a number of experienced and active players, and ensure that we are able to teach new bros to ‘learn and earn’ within wormhole space. We encourage our new bros to explore, and advance their skills and earning potential into any avenue they feel is of interest. We don’t believe in strict rules and actively seek fun, without the meta-drama. We’ve been playing long enough that we have well-established infrastructure and financial support, and are definitely in it for the ‘long haul’ as a group.

We are involved in most aspects of Eve life, from industry and R&D to small gang PVP, mission running, abyssal gangs, and much more. Our main goal though is to help new players, and (new to wormhole life players) become familiar with wormhole mechanics and gameplay, and to achieve both personal and corporate goals in-game.

In our corporation, we have several current serving, or ex-military members, as well as services and health staff, etc. We come from a broad range of backgrounds, nationalities, and cultures. We appreciate that real life comes first. While we do not expect a ‘minimum commitment’ from our members, we do expect recruits to remain active in our Discord community. This ensures returning players are kept in the loop, and stay abreast of any changes which may inhibit their return in the future. We are building a community, not so much a corporation.

SO! If you’re interested in joining a group of mature-minded (and aged!), experienced players and having a few laughs in Eve Online, read on to our recruiting requirements.


+ Omega Account Access (Main account, alts may be alpha.)
+ Minimum 2,000,000 SP (Though your attitude is more important.)
+ Willingness to listen and learn.
+ Willingness to train/skill into our doctrine ships as a priority, where required.
+ Friendly and Respectful.
+ Co-operative and mature mindset.
+ English Speaking Corporation.
+ Security and Background Checks Required.

Join our Discord to arrange a brief introductory interview with one of our management team.

Please note: We are a small team, who have real lives. Post a quick message in the public channel on Discord, so someone knows you’re there! If you’re genuinely interested in joining us, please be patient and await a reply. We will make the process as swift as humanly possible.

Diplomacy and Corporation Co-Op is also welcomed.

We’re super excited to meet you, and potentially welcome you to our community!
We hope to hear from you soon!

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