Sacrilege PvE fit, with PvP capability. Drone Lands

EM damage is king in the drone lands.

So are hunters!

So I developed a fit that allows me to pull 25-30 mil ticks, while not having to dock up every time a single neut enters the system (and they wont take my prophecy bait, so I gave up on that!).

The idea behind this fit is to use a medium ancillary armor rep without paste, but to LOAD your paste (1 minute load time) the moment a hostile enters your system.

Between your ADCU and and overheated ancil rep, you should be fine vs most targets 1v1.

Then comes the twist.

The fit uses Acolyte II’s for PvE (active drone use targeting the frigs), but uses Infil neut drones (EV-600) for PvP and a medium neut. Combined with a web and a long point, and solo attacker/tackler should be thwarted.

Of course, the option to warp off always remains if you dont’ like Dscan. Keep an eye on your overview in case it’s a Lach, they dont’ show on Dscan!

So far I’ve repelled several attackers (one was a confessor) and tacklers.

My active time (vs docked time) has resulted in a more consistent income stream, whereas I always had to dock in my Cerb.

My ticks vary from 20-25 mil. If I fit painters instead of web/scram, I can go close to 30 mil, but then I can’t point/hold a hunter (only repel).

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