Sad old player looking for ship mates

Generally i dont go looking for pals on a game forum but im now finding myself returned to eve and all my buddies are long gone but it has been 7 years lol. So i dont even know if this is the right place to post this but meh. So here goes im an old player have played on and off for 19 years but my main char was sold by a so called friend when i took a break and allowed him to use the char (my own fault and devs wouldnt give back my char so thats that). My newer char now has nowhere near the amount of sp just under 50mil and alt just over 20 mill shes an orca jump freight alt. I like all aspects of the game have good mining skills and mission combat skills. Would like to try pvp small scale but preferably pve based, currently im just floating around doing hacking sites for somthing to do. Im 47 yo so looking for some old farts to rock around with, uk tz and am active most days atm. So mabe i should of put this in a recruitment bit but i typed it now lol. So if any one want to throw a friend invite or mail corp info, this sad old lonely gamer sure would appreciate it.

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The corporation and Alliance section of the forum is a good place to start,

Lots of laid back corps around, and a handful of TZ options.

Iā€™d recommend giving something new a go: e.g. if your old buddies and you were a highsec or low sec corp, try giving a WH corp a try. Lots of opportunities for some of the most challenging AI and lucrative isk making with PVE shooting sleepers, and lots of opportunity for small gang pvp.

If you ask, you will get shoveled with crap as there are a lot of corps recruiting ā€“ you will need to sort through that on your own, unfortunately.

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