SaidTECH corporation for honest players

Good Day Capsuleer, and welcome. Are you new to the Eve universe

Tired of getting ambushed by the gangs and pirates? Looking for security whilst navigating in the infinite or simply trying to mine some ore? Then you have come to the right place, because SaidTECH has your back. We fund expeditions throughout New Eden, You don’t even need to be in our Corp!

Don’t waste your time with the other “Corporations” that will try to offer you large sums of ISK without risk… This is usually a front for Pirates that will take advantage of you and leave you high and dry. Unfortunately they are allowed to advertise as well. With SaidTECH on your side you will be able to explore New Eden safely and mark your spot in the Galaxy alongside the rest of our family.

Benefits of our Corp for Alpha or Omega players include:

  • Security members for Hauling and/or Mining barges
  • Discounted items that are crafted by our highest trained members instead of having to pay higher market sales
  • Mineral processing by higher skilled employees to increase yield with only a 15% Mineral fee and no ISK fee
  • Lower tax rate than competing Corporations, 1.5% ( Applies to Missions, Bounties)
  • The feeling of accomplishment in being apart of something great.

For more information, check out our website… SaidTECH

Awesome Corp. to work at, And the Hosted Mining Expeditions once a month are Great!

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Large Exploration Fleet Hosting!! High Sec, Low Sec, Null Sec

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We are growing fast, and the mining fleets are Unbelievable Signup today!

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Looking for new members, apply today!

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