Sale Canceled

Taking offers on SARG3NT a high quality extremely focused 39.6m sp char.

Skill Board
Kill Board

1. Wallet balance
Will be positive

2. Kill rights
No kill rights

3. Jump clones
No jump clones

4. Character location.

Key features:
-17 million in Missiles alone. (43% of this chars skills are missiles)
-Level 5 Marauders
-Level 5 Battle Cruiser
-Tengu skills and supporting skills maxed
-Not far from PERFECT Gila Skills
-Can run Abyssal 3’s with no issue
-Stellar employment history
-Clean 50/50 kill history (The two abyssal kills gained me 1.2b isk)
-One remap available.
-Neural enhancement level 4
-3.27 faction standing with Caldri state
-Has level 5 mission agents from 3 separate corps


Right now skill injectors on the market are 840mil isk. To train this character from scratch you would have to buy 85 skill injectors. That being said this char would cost 71.4B isk to create from scratch. I fully understand this character is not worth 71.4b Isk but it is extremely focused and very high quality.

32 billion isk will buy you 16million skill points. I have 17million skill points in missile alone.

I am in no hurry to sell this char. That being said I’m asking 55b isk.

Proof of Abyssals

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30 b/o ready now

My offer of 37B for this character was actually above market value and was influenced by the fact that this toon has exactly the skills I’m looking for and would have saved me some time and SP loss from extracting/injecting. I ended up going a different route though, so please consider that offer retracted.

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Confirming I am for sale. Description updated. Looking through a lot of even 100mil isk skill point chars for sale This char can fly the Gila, Tengu, and Golem WAY better then most of those accounts. This char is very focused.

31.5 b/o ready now

Daily bump. Information updated

This char is still available.

Just a tip… there are characters with up to 20m SP more than this one that are selling for five to ten billion ISK less than you’re asking. Your valuation is based on what it would cost to train this exact pilot in the most expensive way possible. That is only beneficial for someone who both wants a character with these exact skills AND can’t figure out that he could just buy different character with more SP for less ISK, shuffle some skills around, sell the extra SP and make some of their initial investment back… which was already less than what you’re asking.

A character’s value doesn’t come from what it would cost to create it… it comes from what its resources are worth on the market, which is extractable SP(injector cost - extractor cost). Sometimes you might do a little better than that if someone is looking for a character that has some of the skills you’ve got because it means less to extract/inject.

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I haven’t seen one character the past two weeks that comes close to the focus that this one has. Level 4’s and Abyssal’s are an extremely popular way to make money right now. This is a perfectly branched out char that could out mission and out PVP most 100 sp chars that i have seen. This character has an overwhelming value for multiple reasons (like 40% of the skill points are in missile) and should not be valued by simply looking at how many skill points it has. I appreciate your post but this character is extremely focused and worth way more then the typical 40m sp char.

In addition a skill extractor is 363 mil and you would lose 200k sp for each time you extracted making it overwhelmingly more expensive to buy a high sp char then extract.

Its worth exactly what someone is willing to pay for it. Good luck with your sale.


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