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(Dark Magni) #1

What is a Virtuoso?

It is an ‘instant lock capable’ covert ops Daredevil with torpedos, a 99% stasis webifier, and an armor repair bonus.

This boat is a UNIQUE ALLIANCE TOURNAMENT PRIZE with only 50 ever to exist.


The price is opening at 150B per vessel. I will give 1 weeks notice before each price increase as a courtesy.

WTB virtuoso
(Dark Magni) #2

Battle test #1: Hawk

Battle test #2: HG Askalpian dual rep Dramiel

Battle test #3: Wolf

Battle test #4: Worm

One of the few remaining ‘cheap’ AT vessels, deploying battleship weapons on a frigate that should not apply damage to frigate sized signatures. But it works.

150B for Virtuoso.

(Dark Magni) #3

Virtuoso is 150B ONO

(Dark Magni) #4

Look I’m Batman. 150B and you can be too.

(Dark Magni) #6

Sale closed.