Sale Completed

Full Caldari Pilot - Missles and Shields
Positive Sec Status
In NPC Corp
Positive wallet
Located in Dodixie station for Missions
0 - Clones

Ocular Filter - Standard
Memory Augmentation - Standard
Neural Boost - Standard
Cybernetic Subprocessor - Standard
Social Adaptation Chip - Basic

Please make offer. Original timetable too long. Willing to finalize best offer sale by 2/24/19.

Thanks in advanced for your offers!


Changed, no PW needed.

Pilot currently in NPC corp, btw.

can you put your char in eve mon to see how long before it can fly a fit? i can send you the fit ingame if you want

I havent used Evemon in ages…let me dl first, send me fit in game pls

8b to get u started

Thanks for offer!

11 billion

Thank you for offer!

Still looking for best offer! would be willing to sell before deadline for best possible offer!

Original Post updated.

Still looking for offers!!!

11bil , best offer so far. Best offer by 2/24/19 will be taken, and sale completed that evening.


Still looking for offers!

Maizie Fields currently with highest offer.

Last Day for offers!!!

Will be completing sale tomorrow 2/24/19.

11.5 bil

Thank you for your offer!!

Taking final offers. Transfer to highest offer will be initiated by 21:00 US MTN Time (pending all is well). +7 hours Eve Time.

Vulgus Carovigra with highest offer - 11.5 bil.

12 bil

Thank you Maizie!

Maizie Fields with highest offer - 12 bil