Sale completed

T1 Amarr ships/ Mining Barges and light industry with research points near amarr (rocket science and amarrstarship) just transferred to NPC corporation before posting.

Only needs omega and 1 hour of training to light a cyno, 207k free sp to use.

Wallet balance. 4,863 isk
Kill rights. none
Jump clones 0
Character location Jita 4-4
SKINs: Rockbreaker pioneer retreiver. Aspirant Enforcer and Industrialist 4/4 of each and Recent events Minmatar Liberation Games 7 free log in and Deathglow remnant 7 free log in rewards.
Positive standings with Amarr 3.3 , Caldari 2.3, SOE 2.2

Starting 3.5b
BO 5.2b

bump for Amarr!

3.5 bil

3.5b acknowledged gonna give it a day or two.

Offer retracted for now. Found toon that looks better for me, trying to win.

3.5b offer

Offer from Sanshal acknowledged, will end auction in under 10 hours.

ok confirm sale so i transfer funds

Confirmed no other interested Sanshal i accept 3.5b send isk and ingame mail with account info I will start the transfer once all is square

isk transfer complete sent from “xandar the first”. plz confirm

Isk is there character is ready but im getting a ‘Target user has too many characters’ when trying to transfer it to your account. Please resend the account info to character. That is the name you see when you hit log in on the launcher.

sorry for that , i need 4 hours to biomasse a toon in that account. please try aain in 4h30 minutes.

no worries I will try again at 20:20 eve time

yeah that will work. just message me in game if it still says full so i confirme the biomasse.

ready for transfer

Thank you. Your PayPal account was billed on: Wed, 02 Nov 2022 20:31:47 GMT, in the amount of 20.00 EUR.

Description: 1 x Character TransferTOTAL = 20,00 EUR

ok thank you will confirm once i get the toon

character receved thank you.

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