Sale Pending - WTS 2006 79Mil SP


Born: 2006.04.11 04:06
NPC Corp
Positive Wallet
Positive Sec Status
No Kill Rights
3 Clones in High Sec
Current Station - Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
3 remaps available

Min: 50 Billion
BO: 62.5 Billion

44 bill

@Tryss_DeVir 46b


52B Of

53 bil


54.5 bill

55 Bil

withdrew acceptance due to in game bid of 56bil and wait time - looking for quick sale

in game bid of 56bil - accepted.

awaiting ISK and account details

Isk and account info sent

Character Transfer started - as per Character Bazaar info - please allow up to 10hrs for transfer to complete

Will be completed after 1/3/2023 11:29:23 AM

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