Sale withdrawn

Character = K-OR001 for sale at 9b

9.7 mSPs in total including:

  • 2.4mSP drone skills
  • 5.3mSP Fleet Support (Mining Director 5, Fleet Command 4)
  • Industrial Command Ships 4

Skill sheet:

Location: System Jita 4-4 Caldari Navy Station

Has always been in an NPC corp’; all standings 0

No kill rights, no jump clones.

Posted with wrong character; confirming with this post that this character is for sale.

6 bil

7b bo

7.5 bil

7.5b accepted. Please confirm if still interested as I have taken a day to respond.

Bought another ty anyway

Noted; thanks. Character still for sale.


5.0 bil

Thanks, no.

Sale withdrawn.

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