[scanning] Focus to probe + qol

(Doudou Lachatte) #1

A “Focus to Probes” button in the Solar System Map would greatly welcome.

In the Solar System Map, the probe widget is hard to select and interact with. It should be on the top layer of the map, with click & selection priority. Right now its super tedious to move probes around.

(Anjyl Took) #2

This should be in the dedicated thread:

(Doudou Lachatte) #3

Will post there.

(Your Ex-Girlfriend) #4

Why do you need the 2nd easiest activity in EvE made easier?

(Doudou Lachatte) #5

Challenge shouldn’t come from fighting UI. Challenge should come from game design. 2 very different things.

(Your Ex-Girlfriend) #6

Nope, insufficient argument.

I find no additional challenge in EvE’s UI. Your inability to use the already provided means of centering on the probes is no excuse for laziness.

The “fighting the ui” excuse is pathetic. Where does that argument end before the game is nothing but two buttons, one to give isk and another to simply win the game?

(Max Deveron) #7

hmm, i have at times my probes on the map being way off into no where…
Having to drag them a long way to the system is bad enough…

finding them first is an issue, if this so called button idea is to make your widget instantly findable then sure why not

(Count Szadek) #8

technically you can play eve with 2 buttons already … left and right mouse click. Just saying

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