Screen Resolution

Within the last month, my ability to keep the same screen size has changed.
I multi box 3 screens, my main resolution is 1600 x 900 if I need to resize or go full screen with any particular window I do. If I logged of and returned the next day my screen res was always 1600x900.
Now all of a sudden when I log out and come back on my resolution is almost always full screen.
Anyone else experiencing this issue?
Fly Safe.

Yep same issue here with all accounts :frowning: Rather annoying


Setting up profiles for each client will resolve this for you. i have 6 clients that start up exactly on the screen they are needed at the correct setting and resolution.

If you do not do this. The last client you exit settings will be used for the first client you start up again.


I have a different issue. The game used to launch windows in the exact same spot every single time, and now it doesn’t. Sometimes the windows dip below the taskbar, and the left/right positioning seems random.

Started happening around last week.

Exactly what I posted… resolves that.

I will give this a go . . thanks for the reply

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