Script to enable a fullscreen forum view mode (instead of everything down the middle)

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New ones already are wider than old ones but they contain much less info i don’t see how stretching them all the way does anything but covers wallpaper no functionality is added .

These are two 34" ultra wide stacked on each other,

CCP do something with screen real state(moving that dumb scroll bar outside would be neat start) otherwise to me to show such limited amount of info compared to old forums it already is wide enough…actually it looks worse when wide / fullscreen.


If you look again at the old forum, the empty spaces between titles are actually larger. The new forum just have bigger fonts, and actually has more information between titles. I personally like the new layout as I usually have to zoom in on the old forums anyways.


i didn’t have to resort to zooming but that depends screen size and sight to name few,

i cant really declare new ones a clear winner so far what i did notice is improved readability on my aging phone it is a note 4 with screen resolution of 2560x1440 while video content on it is to drool for old eve forums were like desktop just 0n 6" screen it needed a lot of zooming.

new one on other hand a was able to read from my car dash board no problem(don’t try desktop option its beyond terrible) but new ones lack zoom out feature or i couldn’t find it default is lacking(too zoomed in) for 2k and up resolution phones.

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This may be a little arrogant; do you think I could get a silly badge or something to show that I did a contribute to the new forums?


Well that worked well, even on my 21:9 Screen it now looks better :slight_smile:


Way better with this theme. Thanks!

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