(SDE)Dogma Undefined Properties

I’m a chinese speaker and I’m familiar with technical terminology and terms, but I’m not familiar with those abbrs and slangs of EVE, so if possible please avoid those expressions.

I’m developing a mobile fitting assistant app, however I met some problems when processing those static data. To save time and make it easier to update, I want to build my database by processing static data. But when I’m working on it, I found some properties whose meanings are not given, but those are actually important properties.
Those props are:

  • unitID, I could guess what they are, but I’m not sure.
  • dataType.
  • operation and func of modifierInfo property, in dogmaEffects.

I hope that somebody could tell me what they refers to, or show me a path to get those definitions.

Any help is appreciated.

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Units are unfortunately not published in the SDE, though they are present in the EVE client and are currently published at Hoboleaks:

I believe that dataType refers to a unitID.

other things are not really documented (AFAIK) but are reverse engineered and present in Pyfa’s EOS code:

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Thank you for your help. I believe they can help me. :+1:

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