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in order to do all the things you requested, has to be greater than 100mil SP. you’re looking at 140-150mil SP.

I have a pilot that can fly almost all sub-caps up to Battleships with all guns/missiles trained as well with no SP wasted on other pve or industrial skills and he’s at 152mil SP already (and still cannot sit in a dread/fax).

No it doesn’t. Take away your level 5’s in T2 ships. Also, he says most not all.

The extras are exactly that, extra.

sure, if you want to fly ships at level 4 :rofl: you can probably achieve that under 100mil SP. It’s the Level 5 ship/gun/missile skills that takes the longest to train (hint, more SP). Buyer should described his purchase objective as “want to buy an imperfect subcaps pilot”.

I do agree that you couldn’t fit absolutely everything into 80-100mil sp, that’s just my ballpark in regards to my budget. Also, perhaps I should’ve elaborated further that I’m not looking for 100% perfect skills.

Edit: Editted my original post to better reflect that fact :slight_smile:

You’re the only one imagining the use of the word perfect being used. If you’re dumb enough to think ships aren’t good unless you have all level 5, then you probably should spend more time learning to fly them.

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