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I’m new to the game (1 week) and I’m looking for a corporation (preferably French) that could guide me. Can you tell me about guilds? I would like to orient myself pvp, but I don’t know yet.

Thank you


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  1. you did the good choice. Joining a corp will provide you friends, advices/help/fits but also aims/objectives/enemies which will give sense to what you do in eve. You like industry? you will build ships and stuff for your corpmates. You like pvp? you will do pvp in corp fleets.You like mining? you will sell minerals to your corpmates and they will build some ships which you can use etc
  2. If you prefer a french speaking corp, read the french section of this forum:, or even post there about yourself.

Welcome to eve (suis français aussi)


thank you for your answer

for example, if I wanted to focus on mining / industry, which corporation can you advise me? Same if I orient myself pvp and mercenary, what are the corporations to avoid or popular?


i can only tell you how it worked for me:
the first day in eve, a few years ago, i searched for a french corp. I found one in null sec. they seemed very cool, they came at jita, and escorted me to null sec in Catch. Their corp belonged to VOLT. They gave me advices, a magnate, and taught me a few things about explo.
I soon earned enough isks to do mistakes, try what i wanted, and have fun
One week after, we all received a long mail from Corebloodbrothers, full of motivation, about incoming war, things to prepare etc
Eve also allows newbies to be useful in pvp, because even a t1 tackling frig or a vigil with target painter can give you a significant role
I never left null sec.

Eve is all about interactions between people. You can find a nice corp in null/hi/low, live in wormhole, etc. What will you keep addicted is the friendship

There are thousands of corps, i cannot recommend anythg.

I have heard that eve-uni is a good step to start in eve. There are also big newbie-friendly alliances in null (Brave newbies, etc).
But you can also find a small corp which would be the good one

First read
You will see several posts from recruiting corps which sound great

See you in space :wink:


Wellcome to eve mate,
If you are looking for a corporation then if you would be interested then you can have an interview with me since i am currently recruiting and my main fokus of recruitment is on new players.

I got a nice idea that i am currently working on to make to reallity.

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