Searching For Pilots Who Crave PvP

New or Oldbro,

The story of every pilot in Eve is different. Some learn the ropes near where they started in High-Sec while some go directly to Low or Null. Their story can be filled with tales of PvP, krabbing and friendships that may last forever. We wonder, what has yours been?

Whatever your story may be, it has lead you to this recruitment post. So let’s be blunt, finding that home is difficult in a place like Eve. Let’s see if TCOMI is it:

We are: A group of friends with varied skills who have flown together for years and eager to shoot other space nerds.

  • New and Oldbro friendly
  • Willing to teach
  • Willing to learn
  • Working together
  • Having fun

We are looking for: Pilots who crave PvP. You may have experience or none, but that desire to hop into fights with a tight group of like-minded friends is key.

  • Offensive PvP when called for
  • Defensive PvP when called for
  • Fun PvP when called for
  • Mature 18+ competent adults

What we offer:

  • Small Gang PvP in Low-Sec with opportunities elsewhere
  • Various ways to make isk: Pick your choice of krabbing, incursions, missions, gate camping or just being resourceful

Join our In-game recruitment channel, TCOMI Bath house, to further this conversation.

New and Oldbros, take a look and see if it’s worth having a conversation!

Looking for some PvP? Join our in-game recruitment channel and see if TCOMI is for you!

Hey there, looking for a corp that cares about creating content to make Eve fun? Join our in-game chat channel, TCOMI Bath House, to check us out!

Take a look at our zkillboard recently:

We are still recruiting pilots that want to continue or start their journey in PvP!!

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