Seasonal Faction Warfare

Faction Warfare should run in seasons, once every three months. When FW is open, systems that are conquered at the end of each season, should gain some type of bonus that is only available to the conquering faction. Some bonuses could be increase in roid or gas yields, or more bootie from NPC drops.

Other bonuses might include filament jump portals that would function just like the filament that transport you to Null, Trig and High Sec space. Other bonuses could include jump bridges between various low sec systems that would be very advantageous for some.

At the end of each season, random systems in the warzone would become hotly contested and allow capitol ships to enter the fight.

With Faction War being seasonal, Capsuleers would have time to do other things in New Eden, in between seasons.

Whatever the bonuses, the reward would have to be lucrative enough to draw fleets to end each season with a bang.

For the love of ever loving dead Amarr space jebus no.


LOL. Exactly. Sometimes you just can’t get the language to say it strongly enough.

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bro ever one would be amarr or caldri then

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No, because once you joined a faction you would be permanently part of that faction. Besides, flipping back and forth between factions wouldn’t be very intelligent because everyone would attack you for being a spy.

EVE isn’t an in-app purchase mobile game. This is exactly what this…
…waaaait a second…

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5 seconds latter he found out that eve tried that

Having seasonal faction war would be similar to sporting events. Fans of sporting events get excited the closer the season starts. Who is going to win, how well are the hyped-up teams and players going to be etc. Having seasonal faction warfare would also be another good advertising campaign for CCP and Eve Online.

Seasonal Faction War could attract players who pay more money to engage in Factional Warfare than they normally would during the rest of the year, if special incentives, such as faction-based booster bundles could be purchased.

A FW Booster Bundle could include FW uniforms, boosters for Faction War Specific ships, such as an hour boost to the DPS, Optimal Range or Webber range of a Catalyst Navy Issue, while inside a Faction War plex. Outside of the FW site, the booster would not function.

Mm not really. It’d just become weaponized FOMO and force people to play the game on EVE’s timeline.

You’re basically advocating for the battle pass system. You know not what you do youngling.

Content will be locked behind the battle pass and that’ll be that.

Aaaaa please no! That will only make it that much harder for new or low-SP players to enjoy solo PVP at the most basic level! I love just taking out a 10 million isk frigate and laying waste to other 10 million isk frigates.

Lol, not even wrong. Faction War specific boosters would only help new or low-SP players enjoy solo PvP in Faction War systems along with giving new or low-SP players a reason to join Faction War.

A booster that added more loyalty points, up to a total of 2,500 points, would also encourage players to join Faction War and grind complexes to be able to purchase Navy Dreadnoughts at a much faster rate as well.

Faction War Boosters could even decrease the time it takes to complete skills, which would draw a lot of players, new and old, to Faction Warfare. Faction Warfare skill point boosters would last for four hours and become active once the player started the timer on the complex. The SP booster would stop generating SP when the timer on the complex stopped due to NPC’s arriving or the player warped away. FW SP booster sites would be random. FW SP booster sites might be present in every site in a system or none at all. FW SP boosters would generate 100 skill points every minute the timer is running in a site but would not generate SP past 1,500 for any site.

FW SP boosters would only activate when plexing the opposing teams’ FW sites. FW SP boosters would in fact draw in a lot of players, mostly new players, looking to up their SP to get into that new cruiser or be able to mount TII weapons.

Nice to see you embrace P2W :smiley:

I am confused. You said I was not wrong, then said the exact opposite of what I did. Where do you stand on the matter?

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