Seatplus - Flexible EVE Online API with the intent of corporation management and recruitment


A new corporation management and recruitment tool

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Inspired by SeAT, seatplus is a complete rewrite based on the most frequent user- and feature request. As such the complete role and affiliation concept has been designed from the drawing board aiming to support recruiters in their daily work for their corporation. No more SDE Issues as seatplus does not have any SDE dependency. Have Friends on your instance, only request esi-scopes when necessary. Have an overview of members compliance if scopes or refresh_tokens has been changed. No delays between role assignment and users capabilities. Allow recruiters to only review recruits without access to in-corp characters. Automatically assign roles to users based upon their corporation or alliance.
Currently, seat-plus is under development and required your feedback. What do you like? What feature would you like to see? Any feedback is of value.


Please review the feature sections of the documentation including screenshots.

Core Features

Advanced Features

But Why?

For once seat does a poor job at recruitment and corporation management. Many user requests are regarding various scope levels, recruitment etc. Seatplus addresses these request with a very modern UI. Other then that, i was once contributor to seat but could not find common ground to develop from with the devs of the project. There was zero code coverage with tests in seat to that moment and pull requests were not addressed within months. This has become unbearable for me.

I have been with Amok. for long time and it was used with over 3000 esi keys. Seatplus has been used within the imperium intensively, yet only with one corporation whilst theoretically it could be used for a whole alliance.


Q: Why did you name it after seat
A: Originally i wanted to wave the virtual middle finger at seat. By creating something better and more modern that they did. Meanwhile i am open for a rebranding, do you have any suggestions?

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