Seeking miners,indy,pve new or vet all welcomed

Hello All Welcome to All Things Enterprise
I’m looking for a few people who would like to help me lead an “Academy type” corporation and fulfill leadership roles. The corporation would specialize in helping “new” to “newer” players get involved in Eve, but would also be open to veterans. We would primarily exist in High Security Space, but that wouldn’t limit us from having Low Security Space activities. Our primary focus would be the basic staples of Low/High Sec: Missions, Wormholes, Exploration, Small scale PvP. and Null Sec

Think of it as a smaller, more personal Eve University. Basically, you’re open to help others.
-I would like to have an active member base, but would like others to help recruit more.

*For more information please either email or start conversation with AllenthatGuy1, or allenthatguy2 Khema.

P.S. You don’t have to be super experienced to help or join, I’m just looking for people who share this vision. Thank you for your time.

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