Seeking New and Old Pilots Alike - Small Gang, Wormhole C2

Bump because I got in!



Bump with an alt!

Fun guys

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Bump, because Oxford commas matter.

Bumps, cuz I wish I was in a Rokh.

Still open!

Bump. Because CCP renamed my alt to “Amarr Citizen 204479768” no idea how that happened.

Seriously though, this is an active corp. Not like you have to work a second job to be here sort of ‘active’ but there’s usually someone around even on off hours. Really entertaining Discord.

We could use some more EU and AU time zone toons.

Still open!

Pumpernickel means “the devil’s fart."

Bump, becase Permaband is now on Spotify.

We’re lookin for you! Bring on the wrecking machine!

Oh, forgot to post the Spotify link:

We need real PVPers.

And if your’e not good yet, maybe you can be like Pezer and go from 100% snuggly:

to this:

97% snuggly!

Check out that Trig mask, huh?

Beast mode!

(Edit: changed from link to actual pic.)