Seeking Players For Public Fleets

(Evocationz Adhera) #1


Dead simple - I stream 3-4 nights a week - On these I take players with me - ATM there is around 5-8 of us. We are looking to expand.

So here is what we are looking for

5-10 players to join fleets on Tue/Thurs/Sat @ 21:30 Game Time
Launch Point: System - Onnomon - A Long Way From Home
You will need 5 fully fitted frigs in station and clone set to that station - Go to 44:26 - This is a fight with players from all different corps

Tier One frigates only because you need to be able to enter Novice complexes.

For more info join EvoTube Ingame and read the MOTD. We have a good laugh, laughable attitude to PVP. But we get kills and we get into good fights.

So we are looking for people to join us. So, bring alpha clones, t1 fittings, w/e you want but we do this three nights a week and we want you to come to!

CCP Please move this to what ever section it should be in, your new forums are confusing :stuck_out_tongue:

(Aaron) #2

Sounds like a great Idea, I’ll see if I can find you guys the next time I’m on and have some fleet fun.

(Evocationz Adhera) #3

That will be awesome, hope to see you there, just plonk yourself in EvoTwitch - Join the Discord n bobs ur uncle!

(NickyYo) #4

Count me in, send me a message with the details.

(Evocationz Adhera) #5

Sent you a mail :slight_smile:

(Evocationz Adhera) #6

Still looking :slight_smile:

(NickyYo) #7

Fantastic roam last night Evo, I look forward to the next. If you’ve just returned back to EvE like myself and want a jumpstart back into the game, this is the best way. Get involved!

(Evocationz Adhera) #8

Thanks man, was a good old time, look forward to more joining us :slight_smile:

(Evocationz Adhera) #9

Been some fab fun with new peeps, still looking for more peeps!

(Evocationz Adhera) #10

Had some new guys come along, was a lot of fun, come join the fun :slight_smile:

(Rovinia) #11

Let me help you here, you’re using the wrong tone:

On a serious note: Nice initiative, wish you luck and good fights :slight_smile:

(Kathern Aurilen) #12

I’d love to go out with y’all. Is it faction warfare or just roaming?

Would we need scanning ships, logi, or just fighting ships?

(Evocationz Adhera) #13

Hey guys, thanks for the comments

If you join EvoTwitch in-game. The MOTD has all the Info.

Ship wise, we request Tier 1 frigates i.e non t2.

It’s not FW, we simply hunt everyone who moves. You can bring w/e type of Tier 1 you would like :slight_smile:

(Evocationz Adhera) #14

Still very much looking for more!

(Evocationz Adhera) #15

Still looking

(Evocationz Adhera) #16

Always room for a few good pilots or even newbies!

(JC Mieyli) #17

is it tonight i might come along if im not busy

(Evocationz Adhera) #18

I will be going out tntie yes :slight_smile:

(JC Mieyli) #19

im moving some frigates there

(JC Mieyli) #20

fun roam very cool thanks