[SEFEM] Sov Null Sec - AU TZ PVP

An old Aussie timezone corporation that has moved on from factional warfare in recent months has now joined a strong PVP focused Null Sec alliance. After settling in we are now looking to build our ranks.

What do we offer?

  • Regular Alliance and Coalition fleet operations in all timezones
  • Great isk making through mining, exploration or ratting
  • Corporation and Alliance Freight and Market services
  • Region based market hub with many items to fulfil your pve and pvp requirements
  • Great small gang hunting opportunities

What do we require?

  • While a minimum SP of 5 million is a requirement it is dependant on the player.
  • TeamSpeak interview
  • Full API sent with corporation application
  • Mature players, adult jokes not suitable for those under the age 18 are regular on comms
  • Sign up to alliance authorisation tools within the first 48 hours of joining the corporation

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact Andiedeath in game.