🚀 [SEKER][KM.T] Tempered Aggression [AU/EU/US] – PVP & Industry

Tempered Aggression, acting as the leading and founding Corporation of the Seker Matar Alliance, is a blend of PvP enthusiasts and industrialists. We see Seker Matar as an overarching brand that encompasses the sprit of teamwork, dedication and compassion for team mates and adversaries alike. We don’t have much time for personal toxicity or negative behaviour that can be divisive of the teams cohesion and harmful to the wider player base.

Our community has been around for some 20 years in various forms, having gamed together in our teens, we’re now boomer dad-bros, juggling families and jobs. EVE Online is where we get to still hangout, have fun, and shoot people in the face. We enjoy all forms of PVP, but generally have a love for pirate shenanigans, gate-camps, black ops, med-gang and also an aspiration to be small-gang nano heroes (gotta keep that dream alive).

Established in Low-Sec, we work with partners and friends to find some good fights. We’re focused around the Amarr / Minmatar FW Warzone and wider Amarr Low-Sec, and up into Ahbazon.

Currently we are preparing and positioning ourselves for winder involvement with the Angel Cartel and their cohorts, the Deathless. Excited about the impact Pirate FW could bring to the game and the content it will provide.

Our industry and mining operations are focused on supplying and arming our PVP activities, from doctrines ships up to capital ship production. Alongside taking on batch production orders for T2, T3, Capital and Structures for various customers across New Eden.

We’re seeking aspiring and experienced combat focused pilots alongside Industry moguls that are eager to undock for pew. There are plenty of opportunities for players who want to help shape the Corporation and Alliance going forward.

  • [PVP] Small & Med Gang / Black Ops / Capitals
  • [PVP] Angel Cartel & Deathless FW
  • [Industry] T1 / T2 / T3 / Structures / Capitals
  • [Mining] Moon’s [R4]
  • Mature Non-Toxic Group
  • Real Life first, dad-bro’s
  • AU-EU & US TZ

If this sounds like fun, then feel free to join our Discord Server and say hello or talk to us about recruitment.

We’re looking to grow our AU and early EU PVP pilots. If you’re interested in a range of PVP activities from low-sec, living a pirate lifestyle, then drop by our Discord for a chat.

We’re seeking AU-EU and US time zoned pvp pilots. We’re happy to help support returning players or pilots looking to change their career paths. We’re low-sec focused and positioned to make the most of the current Amarr / Matar war zone alongside the upcoming Angel Cartel / Deathless content.

We are looking to broaden our AU pvp pilot roster, further adding to our core small-medium gang numbers in this time zone. Pilots with an interest in blops and capital experience also welcome.

If you’re interested in the Angel Cartel and the Deathless content coming with Havoc, and are looking for a new home come and say hello. :sunglasses:

Lot’s of returning players atm, great to see. If you’re looking for an AU-EU home - interested in the new content coming with Havoc, then stop by our Discord for a chat. :saluting_face:

We’re looking for AU-EU and early US TZ pilots interested in joining in on the new Pirate Faction Warfare coming with Havoc next week. If you’re interested in solo, small and medium gang PVP then come and say hello on our Discord or drop by our in-game Public Channel ‘Seker-Pub’. We’re keen to connect with both experienced PVP players, current or returning. Happy to also bring people on, and help them learn PVP.

Looking for AU-EU, and US TZ, PVP and Industry pilots. Alongside being a neutral pirate group, we also have been enjoying the new Pirate Faction warfare, being enlisted with Angel Cartel.